Homeware for stylish homes and jewelry for their owners

We are married couple, two creatives, a woodworker and a jeweler, combining our talents to make unique and stylish pieces of jewelry, kitchen ware and home decor.

I’m ArtÅ«ras, owner and admin of this shop and I will tell our story from my point of view. My passion in life is to craft things and it always has been this way as far as I remember. I use to study IT back in the day, but quit after 3 and a half years of learning when realized that sitting at the desk in front of computer all and every day isn’t actually my thing. I then moved to London and it took a bit more than one year of self-search until woodworking and furniture found me. Ever since then it was my passion, my main hobby, my work and my free time.

After returning to Lithuania I found my soon-to-be wife Dalia. She’s a brilliant woman, talented jeweler and a true nature lover. I guess there were two main things that drew us together – love to nature and passion to create beauty. We complement each other in every step. It didn’t take long until we started to experiment together, collaborate and merge our ideas to create unique unisex pieces of jewelry involving both realms – wood and metal. We enjoy working together so much that we’ve decided to put all our effort towards making this our family business and main source of income.